Ekahau Planner&Site Survey

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Ekahau Pro (Planner&Site Survey)
Ekahau Pro (Planner&Site Survey)
Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) Pro is now Ekahau Pro. New name and even better Wi-Fi design software.
Wi-Fi Planning, Verification,Troubleshooting
Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is an easy-to-use design, verification, and troubleshooting tool for Wi-Fi networks. It has been developed for all wireless engineers, from systems integrators to IT administrators. It runs on laptops and tablets running Windows  (including Mac using Bootcamp). Ekahau Site Survey ensures high performance and capacity (BYOD) for any Wi-Fi network (802.11ac/n/legacy). If a Wi-Fi network is not yet in place, ESS will automatically suggest access point placement and configurations for optimal set-up. For Wi-Fi networks already inplace, ESS allows quick and easy site surveys, performance and capacity
analysis, optimization, and troubleshooting.

3D Wi-Fi Planner

ESS automatically creates a multi-floor Wi-Fi network plan based on specified performance and capacity requirements. Within seconds, ESS will identify the optimal number of access points, as well as the best locations and channels for Aps, revealing how the Wi-Fi network will perform before going on-site. The 3D Planner considers signal leakage between floors to help minimize inter-floor channel interference.

Site Survey Verification

During a single, quick walkthrough, ESS collects active survey, passive survey and spectrum analysis* information simultaneously, using multiple Wi-Fi adapters and optional Ekahau Spectrum Analyzer USB devices. Once the walkthrough is complete, ESS delivers maps depicting the network coverage and connectivity. ESS also discovers all the audible access points and automatically locates them. Both pre-deployment and post-deployment surveys are fully supported.