Ekahau Spectrum

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Ekahau Spectrum
Ekahau Spectrum Analyzer

Discover and Eliminate WLAN Interference

Microwave ovens, wireless video cameras, wireless phones, broken Wi-Fi devices, and motion detectors often interfere with WLAN (Wi-Fi) devices. Ekahau dual band USB spectrum analyzer helps easily discover and eliminate any interference that causes Wi-Fi issues such as packet loss, dropped connections and more.

Ekahau Spectrum Analyzer has been designed for wireless network administrators as well as wireless professional services teams. It helps identify and eliminate interference that degrades the performance of Wi-Fi networks.

Spectrum Analyzer is connected to a Windows laptop via USB and fully integrates with Ekahau Site Survey to provide various tools for troubleshooting and minimizing interference issues. While performing a site survey, spectrum analysis is performed simultaneously with active and passive surveys. No extra effort and no pre-configuration is needed for gathering spectrum data. Ekahau Site Survey also includes powerful onthe-spot and post-survey analysis capabilities. It combines both Wi-Fi and spectrum information into easy-to-read displays. In addition to Ekahau Site Survey interoperability, Spectrum Analyzer also comes with a stand-alone, on-the-spot troubleshooting application for indepth spectrum analysis. Simultaneous 2.4 and 5GHz analysis is supported by simply connecting two analyzers into the laptop