Ribbon SBC 1000

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SBC 1000
The Ribbon Communications SBC 1000™ Gateway

The Ribbon Communications SBC 1000 Gateway provides small and mediumsized enterprises with legacy voice infrastructure a secure, reliable path to VoIP connectivity with a full range of SIP service provider environments. The SBC 1000 Gateway is a complementary offering to the standard SBC 1000 offering for primarily TDM-SIP use cases, with growth for IP-IP call flows when needed. The SBC 1000 Gateway supports any-to-any connectivity between FXS, FXO, BRI, PRI, and SIP endpoints or devices, enabling rapid migration to SIP-based networks while retaining existing PBXs or analog devices. The Ribbon SBC 1000 Gateway helps enterprises reduce communications costs, enable Unified Communications (UC), and protect their networks against Internet Protocol (IP)-based attacks. Now small businesses and branch offices can enjoy the same industry-leading SBC technology in a right-sized appliance designed specifically for their ne works. The SBC 1000 Gateway is designed for ease of deployment and growth, and advanced features can be remotely enabled via a simple license, eliminating the need for a truck-roll and an on-site technician. The Ribbon SBC 1000 Gateway also features a wide range of I/O and call capacities as well as built-in survivability for TDM, FXx, and SIP devices, so calls go through even if the wide area network (WAN) goes down.