Ribbon SWe Lite

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SBC SWe Lite™ Session Border Controller
The Ribbon Communications SWe Lite™ Session Border Controller
The Ribbon Communications Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite (SBC SWe Lite) is an SBC optimized for small and mid-sized business (SMB) virtualized networking environments. The SBC SWe Lite delivers virtualized Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) interworking, security and survivability for Unifi ed Communications (UC) or SIP trunking. With support for popular virtualization environments such as Microsoft® Hyper-V®, VMware® vSphere® Hypervisor and Linux® KVM, the SBC SWe Lite can be installed quickly and easily.

The Ribbon SBC SWe Lite derives its feature set from a common code base with the Tolly® certifi ed and Miercom® performance verifi ed SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 products. As such, customers can expect the same advantages when transitioning to UC or SIP trunking — an SBC that protects your voice infrastructure from Denial of Service (DoS)/Distributed DOS (DDOS) attacks, maintains privacy, encrypts your calls, and interworks with a wide variety of third-party SIP and legacy voice infrastructure devices/services, all while providing reliable, scalable performance that ensures maximum uptime and service availability.
By offering the same management and provisioning interface as the Ribbon SBC 1000/SBC 2000, the SBC SWe Lite dramatically speeds confi guration through the simple and highly intuitive confi guration wizard. In addition, the common code base affords the SBC SWe Lite a benefi t unmatched by many competitors: an extremely compact CPU, RAM and program data store footprint uniquely positioned for highly constrained vCPE processing environments. The result is clear: customers signifi cantly reduce the costs and complexities of deploying vCPE devices in support of UC/SIP trunking.